Embrace the Bump! Fashionable While Pregnant!

Maternity Style

Congratulations! You’re expecting! But what does that mean for your wardrobe?

Well bella, no need to stress…. you can still be fashionable, stylish, and sexy even if your bump is growing by the day.

Some common myths about “maternity clothes” is that they all consist of loose fitting, waist banded, unflattering and boring items. Well no longer! Today you can wear tight fitting fashion forward clothing that celebrates your pregnancy and that beautiful bump!

Women now a days go through their entire pregnancy not purchasing a single “maternity” item. You can wear your usual clothes. You may need to go up in size but here are a few items we recommend:

– Dresses; tight fitting or flowy. They are comfortable, easy to put on and stylish at the same time- opt for solid, bright colors they will bring out your inner glow

– Leggings; instead of waisted jeans try wearing thicker black leggings with an oversized shirt- this is both comfy and casual chic

– Wedges; you don’t have to completely throw out the heels just make sure you purchase comfortable pairs of wedges or chunky heels. These are great fashion forward alternatives to flats or sandals which are usually more painful since they don’t provide an arch

– Stripes; this is the most flattering pattern for pregnant women- horizontal stripes accentuate the bump and body while making you look slimmer

I found some great internet fashion retailers that offer cute fashions for today’s pregnant women! The links are below!

PinkBlush (50% Off Clearance Today)



Thanks Lexi Aradanas for the post suggestion ❤

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