All about the braids!

Whether you’re looking for a cute quick hairdo or planning your look for Outsidelands 2015, braids is the way to go! Last night, I went to a Festival Fever Party hosted by TopShelf Style in Sf and met this lovely hair stylist, Misty from Brit + Co. She transformed two of my friends with a 5 minute braid do.

Braiding has been gaining traction in the hair world ever since music festival and 70’s trends took over. There are many different braiding styles that are suitable for the look you’re going for; french braids, fishtail braids and twist braids just to name a few. The best thing about it is that it is quick, easy and tres chic!

I’ve always struggled with braiding my own hair but I am starting to realize that practice makes perfect! I’ve been super inspired by meeting Misty and I am so excited to try her tutorials on her website.

Click below and get to braiding!



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