First Day of Spring Outfits!


The time has arrived! We are transitioning out of the cold, gloomy weather and looking forward to brighter days. Though Spring tends to bring allergies, it also provides great weather to rock the latest fashion trends! Here at BellaBelle, we are truly inspired by Kate Spade’s collection for Spring 2015. It does a great job of incorporating many trends for the season!


1. Florals never go out of style come Spring and Summer but this year we are seeing them pop in more abstract and artistic patterns. Not only are we seeing flowers incorporated into garments but leaves and vines as well. This is very flattering on any piece of clothing because it makes the eye concentrate on the design.

download (1)

2. White on white is one of the cleanest, freshest trends for Spring. It has the ability to make you look chic even in casual attire. The best part is that is it easy! You don’t have to necessarily buy a two piece to create this cohesive look. You can buy separates, in a similar shade of white of course, and accessorize with a colorful purse to be right on trend.


3. Platform sandals stepped into the fashion scene last year but in a very dramatic way. This year, the platform has been cut down to make it more wearable. Though this is still a risk for any fashionista, we suggest that you go for it. It is very fashion forward and can even make you an inch or two taller!

Though Kate Spade isn’t within BellaBelle’s budget,  it is great inspiration for the season. Thanks to Liz for the post suggestion!!

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