Fashionable on a Budget


Nothing feels better than getting a great deal on a great piece for your wardrobe! Here at BellaBelle, we pride ourselves at being expert bargain shoppers that achieve high fashion looks for a low fraction of the cost. We have put together tips for you to get the best bang for your buck! 


  • Give yourself enough shopping time. In order to find great deals, you are going to have to put more effort into your shopping experience. This means you are going to have to take the time to look and compare pricing. When we are in a rush we usually grab something that is towards the front of the store and end up paying a premium when we could have found something similar towards the back.
  • Shop sale first. As I mentioned in my previous tip, the most expensive items are usually in the front and sale and lower items are usually in the back. Retailers strategically place these sections because they want more of your money. Next time try walking directly to the sale section and spend your time browsing there. Then if you don’t find anything you can start venturing out to other parts of the store.
  • Ask an associate what their current promotions are. If you don’t have much time to walk through the entire store, simply ask an associate what the current promotions are; you’d be surprised at how many “Buy 1 get 1” and “10% off” markdowns stores offer at any given time.
  • Shop off season. Some of the greatest savings come when you shop off season (i.e. sweaters in summer and shorts in the fall). I recently purchased a beautiful, white coat from Old Navy for $12 originally $60. I just placed it in my closet and now its waiting for me come cooler weather. Stores want to get rid of their off season clothing which means great deals for you!
  • Double check everything. Because sale items are usually final sale, you need to be aware of the condition of the item before you purchase. Sometimes if you don’t mind a button missing or a little thread hanging, you can use this to negotiate an additional discount!

Thanks to bella Nicole Meda for this awesome blog post suggestion! Below find some great, fashionable sales items!

Forever 21: Get 10% off total purchase if you sign up with your email

Shop Dresses Under $20

Style Deals

Shoes Sale

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